iPhone Ringer (Too Soft)

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iPhone Ringer

Although the iPhone is a superior product compared to the rest of the market, it does have its flaws. One of these flaws is that the ringer volume is very soft and hard to hear. Now if you are a iPhone owner you know this problem all to well. I know that I personally miss calls because I cannot hear my phone from inside of my pocket. Granted, the surrounding noises may cancel out the ring tone this is not always the case. Their are times when I have been walking and not paying attention only to find out that I have missed a call or two. Isn’t that what a ringtone is supposed to do! (Get your attention) So now I have to remember and tell myself “hay! remember so and so is supposed to call me…don’t forget to listen for you ringer”. That really sucks!! But I found some cool articles that may solve this dilemma.

If you have a Mac then you are in luck! Because the file that you are looking for is inside of a file that your garage band uses. And guess what…It is call “Cell Phone Ringing”.

After some searching a guy named Michael Johnston (iPhone Alley) found it in file: /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/iLife Sound Effects/Work – Home/Cell Phone Ringing.aif .. Cool Huh! Go and look for it after your done 🙂

Now in order to put this on your iPhone you need to use these third party software

  • For Mac Intel users get the Free version of iFuntastic
  • For the PC users you can go to iBrickr or iPhoneRingToneMaker

Source iPhonehacks.com

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