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Top 10 New Hacks

As some of you may know, the new OS Mac Leopard has lots of great new features that are helpful in many wonderful ways. But lets face it, some of us just like things the way they are. Mac OS’s come every couple of years and while the brilliant and diligently working programmers at Apple are creating the “Next Great Operating System” we normal non programmers are Finally getting used to our old Operating System.

So how do you stay up to date with the new awesome Mac Operating Systems while holding on to the old school. Thats easy…. Use some of these Top 10 Leopard Hacks!

Go ahead and upgrade to the new Mac OS 10.5, you can still have some of the things that you loved about Tiger OS.

Top 10 Leopard Hacks

Via LifeHacker and Other sites

  1. Make the menubar opaqueLots of Leopard users say the menu bars new transparency makes menu items difficult to read. To turn the menu bar opaque again (like it was in Tiger), download and run the free OpaqueMenuBar
  2. Kill The Dock ReflectionIf the new reflective dock is too distracting to you. Then turn it off using these terminal commands.

opaquemenubar.jpg(via Wired, omit the $ prompt when you type them yourself):
$ defaults write no-glass -boolean YES $ killall Dock

3. Revert the Blue Dots to Tiger Black TrianglesLeopard uses blue dots to show open applications. Here is a quick way to change it back to Tiger’s black triangles.

First, you need the triangle, of course. Download and unpack it on your Desktop. The files are:

  • indicator_large.png (42 x 14 pixel)
  • indicator_medium.png (32 x 11 pixel)
  • indicator_small.png (14 x 8 pixel)

Why three of them? You will notice later that, unlike in previous versions of OS X, the size of the indicator in Leopard changes as you resize the Dock. You can try to use the medium size for all three to keep it from resizing, it’s up to you. Or you can create your own indicators, just make sure you keep the image sizes and names as listed above and make the background transparent.

NOTE: messing around with root files is dangerous and if you do not know what you are doing is not responsible for any damage to your system. Continue with this iTweak at your own risk. If you agree then read on.

Close all applications and log out, then log in as Administrator (root).

Navigate to /Users/<your_user_name>/Desktop. From there take the indicator files and move them to the Desktop in root. In Finder select your hard disk (Usually Macintosh HD), then /System/Library/CoreServices


Right-click on Dock and select Show Package Contents. (If you don’t have this menu option, you will need to install Developer Tools.) Select Contents/Resources/

This is where you will find the original indicator files, rename them to something else – just in case (e.g. original_indicator_small.png).

Now copy your three triangle indicator files into this folder. Reload the Dock (Ctrl + Option + right-click | Relaunch). If you still have any applications running, you may want to close and reopen them to update the indicator. Enjoy! (Hack #3:via

5. Add a Stack Of Recent AppsWe all know that when you are using your Mac that you can easily find yourself reaching for the same apps and files. In terminal add these following commands: $ defaults write persistent-others -array-add ‘{ “tile-data” = { “list-type” = 1; }; “tile-type” = “recents-tile”; }’ $ killall Dock.

6. Change Your Dock From 3d to 2d- For those of you that do not like the 3d dock or just want to have the option of changing your dock to a 2d image.

Download Dock Doctor.Top 10 New Hacks

6. Zip Quick Look– Have you ever wondered “Man I hope this zip file does not corrupt my system” or “have I used this zip file before” well with this iTweak you can look in to the zip file just like you are vieweing a picture folder in Leopard. Zip.qlgenerator shows archived file list in Quick Look.

7. Time Machine Setup– If your Mac is slowing down due to frequent updates from time machine. Fine tune your back up scheduling time with this freeware. (TimeMachineScheduler)

8. Quick Finder Tab – Okay this is the coolest one. Have you always wondered how to quit the quick Finder dock icon. Well I have and here is where you can find out how to install a freeware that lets you do that. Add a Quit Menu to the Finder

9. Unlock Hidden OS X Leopard settings- Turn on and off preferences to lots of features in Leopard by downloading a freeware LeopardMod

10. HackYour PC into a Mac– Well is not exactly a Leopard mod fully but it is really cool. Read More….

Hope You liked some of these Leopard Hacks… If you want to learn about more Hacks for your Apple Products. Subscribe to our RSS feed

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