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ViPR for the iPhone

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You can now use visual search for your iPhone via push servers that send a email back to your iPhone with all the information that you were looking for.


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Ziphone 3.0 Available Now !

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Ziphone 3.0 Release

Well the Ziphone tool that pwns the iPhone with ease has released their latest version of iPhone cracking software. The Ziphone App is also know for its ease of use. So for those of you that wished that you could pwn your iPhone with just the click of a button, here you go!

Some new features and bug fixes include

  • Added automatic installation of BSD subsystem, SSH and Installer (now working immediately after ziphone)
  • Added PLUGIN system.
  • Please read PLUGIN_HOWTO.txt to know how to manage plugins.
  • Cleaned up code and ziphone main functions.
  • Added (surprise)

Oral sex is not yet implemented

Ziphone 3.0 Download Mac Version

Ziphone 3.0 Download Windows Version

Enjoy !! Its is great day!

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16 GB iPhone and 32 GB iPod Touch

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Okay I am seriously pissed off..But I knew it was coming. Apple has supposedly said that they are going to release the 16gigabyte iPhone soon and the 32 gigabyte iPod Touch. They will likey make it into stores within the next couple of days.

Both of these products have been rumored to be listed at the price of $499.

So for those of you that have said “I am not going to buy that phone until they put more memory in it” here is your chance. You have no excuse now not to buy it.

We all knew it was coming and I honestly did not expect Apple to release the larger memory iPhone this fast. But they did and so we will have to deal with it.

Why don’t they just put a 100GB hard drive it there already. I know that it is possible. I wonder what kind of memory the major players at Apple have in their iPhone and iPod’s. 100GB, 200Gb, “Who Knows”

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