iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak

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“About 5 hours ago (Thursday evening, less than a week after the 3GS launch), we were able to verify that the 24Kpwn exploit that the hybrid team used on the iPod Touch 2G is still applicable to the bootrom of the iPhone 3GS. That means we can use the same sort of technique used by our current redsn0w tool to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3GS.” iPhone Dev – Team Blog

So apparently you can jailbreak and or unlock your iPhone 3.0 3Gs.  Because some of the fundamental flaws that allow this crack still remain in the new phones.

Read a little bit more about it here.

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iPhone 2.0 Update Causing Problems for 1st Generation Phones

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Comments from bloggers and iPhone users alike are saying that their 1st generation iPhones are now iBricks.

It appears that the 7.7 update via iTunes is causing some errors that cause the iPhone to shutdown and no longer function as a phone. It appears to be problems caused by server overloads that were experienced on Friday.

A News.cnet.com reader says “Apple blames the problem on “network congestion on the iTunes server,”
but says you should be able to update or restore the firmware once the
traffic dies down.”

But some readers say that the updates may be working now!

If you have jailbroken your iPhone and you would like for it to work in the near future, I suggest that you do not update your iTunes version. This may brick your phone for good!

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Questions About the 3g iPhone

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Apple iPhone New features 2.0

Will there be a pre-pay version of the 3g iPhone?

Currently, no. At&t offered the original first generation iPhone through its pre paid phone plane called GoPhone, but carrier reps confirmed that they will not offer a GoPhone feature for the new 3G iPhone

If I already have the first Generation iPhone, would I have to sign a new contract to get the new one?

Yes, you will have to sign a new two year contract with At&t. Even if you have a contract with them, your new service contract will overlap you old plan. But you can still pay the same price as a new customer would for the 8 gb and 16 gb.

Has Apple done anything that allows the users to change their own battery themselves?

No…. the iPhone battery is still under close wraps and sealed away in a tightly fitted shell. But if you absolutely want to learn how to change the battery yourself. Here is a tutorial on how to change your own iPhone battery.

Enterprise Mobile

Will the new iPhone have cut and paste like the Blackberry(Crackberry)?

No still no cut, paste, or searching! But I am sure that someone for those hack/dev teams will come up with something soon..

Some Really Cool Stuff that We have Been Asking For !

Contact Search- anyone who has a iPhone knows that this is the most important feature. Just tap a few letter in your contact search and find your contacts fast.  Although this might be the end of the cool scroll feature used for finding contacts.

Full iWork Document Supports- Look at your documents from iWork on the go

Bulk Delete and Move- Move and delete bulk items from your email

Save Images from your email to your photos- Save those photos that are sent to you from your family and friends in you email.

New Language Support- Including two styles of Japanese and Chinese characters.

Top Ten Ready iPhone Sites

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Ziphone 3.0 Available Now !

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iPhone Downloads Blogspot

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Ziphone 3.0 Release

Well the Ziphone tool that pwns the iPhone with ease has released their latest version of iPhone cracking software. The Ziphone App is also know for its ease of use. So for those of you that wished that you could pwn your iPhone with just the click of a button, here you go!

Some new features and bug fixes include

  • Added automatic installation of BSD subsystem, SSH and Installer (now working immediately after ziphone)
  • Added PLUGIN system.
  • Please read PLUGIN_HOWTO.txt to know how to manage plugins.
  • Cleaned up code and ziphone main functions.
  • Added (surprise)

Oral sex is not yet implemented

Ziphone 3.0 Download Mac Version

Ziphone 3.0 Download Windows Version

Enjoy !! Its is great day!

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Easy Time Machine Tips

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Easy Time Machine Tips

Hey guys!! I found a nice little tip that helps you tweak your time machine and make it easier to find but yet also lets you remove it from your dock. I am always trying to find a tool to keep my dock clean of useless icons or applications that I rarely use. Plus finding nifty apps that you completely removed from the dock later down the road is so much fun. You know the feeling when you find a app that you used to use but forgot about! Yipee!

Anyways on with the Tip!

Its simpleTime Machine Tips

Thanks To MacApper.com

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iPhone Hack Kit

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Hello there fellow Apple enthusiasts.

I would like to say that this blog has been a little biased to a brilliant little invention that you may know about called the iPhone. I promise to do more talking about the other wonderful products that Apple has to offer in some later post. BUT.. for now lets focus on what is important… and that is the iPhone and the various ways that you can make it truly your own iPhone. I mean after all that is probably the main reason why you are here in the first place.

I found a nice little resource that has all of the iPhone tools in one place for your download pleasure. It is called Jailbreak 101. A nifty site called Appletizeme.com has just recently created a new forum for its large community of readers. Also as a special thank you to its forum members Appletizeme.com has given some of its members a great package of Jailbreak software that you cannot find in one place anywhere on the net.

So if you want to upgrade/downgrade/hand grenade your iPhone check out this post and participate in the fun!

iPhone Hack Kit

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Dual Boot Hack by iPhone Dev Team

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I know this is a Apple Tweaks: Tweak Anything Apple Blog but man this iPhone craze is so fascinating. So here goes with another iPhone Tweak using a dual boot trick that the fellas from the iPhone Dev team have been using for a while. This hack is not for the squeemish since it entails some cutting, slicing, pasting, and more coding than I would know anything about.

So if you are into the major scripting and coding he is a cool link to check out! But then again if you are into the major hacking then you probably already know all about this release 🙂

Read More

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24th Anniversary Mac

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iThrow Back Mac

David Clausen decided to show his appreciation of the Mac’s longevity by making his own version of the original Macintosh. He took out all of the insides of a old Macintosh Computer and put in all the workings of a Mac mini. He also put in a greyscale monitor for the added nostalgic effect. On top of that he put a LS-120 floppy disk drive and a custom built USB microcontroller to use the original mouse and keyboard.

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Source: Dave Caolo- tuaw.com

Powered by ScribeFire.

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iPhone 1.1.3 Real or Hoax?

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Well the iPhone 1.1.3 firmware has been released recently and shows some real admirable tricks that are hard to believe. Some forums have said that the images that are circulating are photoshop and manufactured.

In the new firmware release the user interface claims to have a movable dock and bookmarks that can be saved on your home screen. Other features have enhanced the google map application for more comprehensive searches using cellular tower triangulations.

The question is … Is it True?

See for your self in this Bleeding Edge Walkthrough!

 PRos and COns

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Bleeding Edge TV 190: How to Replace Your iPhone Battery

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If you do this before you send to Apple you will void your warranty. So replace at your own risk!!!!Seems fairly doable 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.youtube.com posted with vodpod

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