iPhone 1.1.4 Helpful Reads. and Hints

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Sorry I have been gone for a while… but is anybody really there! Haha… (sigh) as I cry alone in my room :). But anyways here are some helpful links to some good reads for those iPhone hackers out there. The iPhone Dev team portal is probably the first place to start, since they kick ass at pwning the iPhone day after day.

Get your iPhone tools HERE


* The iPhone Wiki – The site that started it all for me. Lots of great technical information and history there, but unfortunately spammers have also invaded the site recently, making life difficult for the maintainers. (Now Defunct)

* The Hackint0sh iPhone Forums– Started up around the same time as the iPhone Dev Wiki, so again, a wealth of information and helpful people here.

* iPhone Dev Team Portal – Site for the original iPhone dev team. The people who started it all.

* iPhone Elite Dev Team – The elite iPhone dev team. Used to be quite active and open with information.

* Geohot’s Blog – Geohot is the first person to have a SIM unlocked iPhone (outside of Apple). Knows the iPhone hardware as well as the Apple engineers. Though his software skills are still in question… (hey, I cleaned up bits of the fake IPSF server code for my own use, so I’ve seen his code) πŸ˜‰

* George’s Blog – No, this is not Geohot’s blog! πŸ˜‰ But it’s still a good resource for understanding the technical details behind iPhone hacking discoveries.

* The Touchdev Wiki – Same structure as the iPhone Dev Wiki, but for the iPod Touch (or iTouch).

* iPhone Toolchain Project Page – Essential for iPhone application developers. Just make sure to release a standalone version of your killer iPhone app, ok? πŸ˜‰

* anySIM Project Page – The source code for anySIM. Interesting to me, maybe to you too?

* Nate True’s iPhone Utils and Info – Nate did a lot of the early iPhone hacking and maintained iBrickr for a while (kinda like iNdependence for Windows with a fancier interface — I’ve never been much of a UI tweaker — I enjoy the technical details more). Still a useful site for files and technical info.

* Erica Sadun’s Blog – Erica is one of the first major iPhone application developers and continues to produce interesting apps for the iPhone. Not to mention she has a loyal following amongst the sexually frustrated, male-dominated crowd of would-be iPhone hackers.

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iTweak Leopard: Top 10 Leopard Hacks

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Top 10 New Hacks

As some of you may know, the new OS Mac Leopard has lots of great new features that are helpful in many wonderful ways. But lets face it, some of us just like things the way they are. Mac OS’s come every couple of years and while the brilliant and diligently working programmers at Apple are creating the “Next Great Operating System” we normal non programmers are Finally getting used to our old Operating System.

So how do you stay up to date with the new awesome Mac Operating Systems while holding on to the old school. Thats easy…. Use some of these Top 10 Leopard Hacks!

Go ahead and upgrade to the new Mac OS 10.5, you can still have some of the things that you loved about Tiger OS.

Top 10 Leopard Hacks

Via LifeHacker and Other sites

  1. Make the menubar opaqueLots of Leopard users say the menu bars new transparency makes menu items difficult to read. To turn the menu bar opaque again (like it was in Tiger), download and run the free OpaqueMenuBar
  2. Kill The Dock ReflectionIf the new reflective dock is too distracting to you. Then turn it off using these terminal commands. (more…)
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New Thinner Mac Books Coming?

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Here are some pics of proto-types of the Mac Books

Thinner Mac Book Thinner Mac Book

This new sleek style would be welcome by almost any Apple Fan out there. But will it make its debut at this years Apple’s Macworld. Some have said that it may not show up just yet because of the increased sales of the Mac Book line.

I certainly would love to see a New model come out because that means that I can afford the older version of the Mac Book Pro.

Something that I have been dying to get my hands on. But….I just could not bring myself to fork out the cash necessary to purchase one. And since I have been Procrastinating for so long and using my trusty Sony Vaio to best that I can. It is even harder not to think that as soon I make that fateful purchase of a shiny new Macbook Pro, a new one will be released a mere week later. 😦

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How to Install Third Party Software To Your iPhone and iTouch.

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UPDATE : This is a Older Version Hack

Ziphone 3.0 is here…install apps with the click of a button One Click Jailbreak / Unlock any sim carrier read more

Seriously Don’t Read This Post Anymore…Give it a quick skim then Go to Ziphone Post above this link!! Enjoy… iPhone Downloads

For those of you who have recently found yourself to be a proud owner of a beautiful and sleek iPhone or iTouch, this post is for you. I found a article from one of my favorite sites “Lifehacker.com“. If you have just recently purchased or received a iPhone or iTouch, this install will be a little different than those of you who have a older version of both products.

Install 3rd Party Apps on iPhone and iTouch

3rd party apps are a beautiful thing. But Apple has and will do everything in their power to stop you from making your iPhone into “your” iPhone. This is definitely understandable since after all it is their product. But since most of the world is not patient enough to wait for Apple to come around. Here are some ways around the wall of upgrades that will lock your iPhone into application purgatory.

NOTE: As we all know the world isn’t perfect and neither am I. So do not think that this is fool proof plan. Learn and read as much as possible before you continue with this process of hacking your iTouch and iPhone. I know all to well how fustrating these things can be so bare with me. Here are some tips you might find useful that I found in a Lifehacker.com comment thread.

  • 1. Make sure you have the latest JAVA installed otherwise it won’t work
    2. In Windows, make sure you close iTunes AND all iTunes related processes (e.g., iTunesHelper, etc.) from the Task Manager
    3. Move your jailbreak folder to the root folder in Windows (e.g., C:\) and the desktop on the Mac (you may also have to rename your hard drive on the Mac temporarily to MacintoshHD)
    4. It may not work the first time you try. If not, restore and start over.
    5. Nothing bad is going to happen if you just remember you can always force restore and get back to the original firmware.If you still have problems with the jailbreak, visit iLounge or iPod Touch Fans Forum – there are plenty of people there who can help you work out any problems…

1st Thing to Do!

The first thing your going to want to do is find out what firmware your iPhone is running. This can be done by docking your iPhone and clicking on the summary tab to see what version that you are running.Firmware Vesion

You want to have the 1.1.1. Firmware because the software that you are going to need to use has a one click upgrade that makes it extremely easy to downgrade to the right version of firmware for your iPhone. After you have performed this tweak. If you have the 1.1.1 version go to http://Jailbreakme.com and click install AppSnapp.

If this sounds to risky take a look at this article from Lifehacker.com. (more…)

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iPhone 1.1.3 Real or Hoax?

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Well the iPhone 1.1.3 firmware has been released recently and shows some real admirable tricks that are hard to believe. Some forums have said that the images that are circulating are photoshop and manufactured.

In the new firmware release the user interface claims to have a movable dock and bookmarks that can be saved on your home screen. Other features have enhanced the google map application for more comprehensive searches using cellular tower triangulations.

The question is … Is it True?

See for your self in this Bleeding Edge Walkthrough!

Β PRos and COns

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What to get the Apple Enthusiast for Christmas?

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What to get for your Apple enthusiast for christmas?

Some no brainers would be πŸ™‚

  • Leopard OS – Apples New Operating System ( Great Deal and the best OS out right now) Price= $129
  • iTune Gift Card – Are a great start also. Simple for the nephew or niece that has their headphones on their head 24/7. Price= ? you choose
  • Wireless iPhone Earbud– This is actually one of my personal wishes :)…Seamless, no wires to tangle or get caught on corners. ( The End ) Price=$129
  • iCover or Sheilds– This is a guarantee or your money back scratch resistant film for your iAnything. Plus other gadgets too..

Anybody who is a fan of the Apple products would appreciate any of these gifts.

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