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Ziphone 3.0 Available Now !

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Ziphone 3.0 Release

Well the Ziphone tool that pwns the iPhone with ease has released their latest version of iPhone cracking software. The Ziphone App is also know for its ease of use. So for those of you that wished that you could pwn your iPhone with just the click of a button, here you go!

Some new features and bug fixes include

  • Added automatic installation of BSD subsystem, SSH and Installer (now working immediately after ziphone)
  • Added PLUGIN system.
  • Please read PLUGIN_HOWTO.txt to know how to manage plugins.
  • Cleaned up code and ziphone main functions.
  • Added (surprise)

Oral sex is not yet implemented

Ziphone 3.0 Download Mac Version

Ziphone 3.0 Download Windows Version

Enjoy !! Its is great day!

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iPhone Hack Kit

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Hello there fellow Apple enthusiasts.

I would like to say that this blog has been a little biased to a brilliant little invention that you may know about called the iPhone. I promise to do more talking about the other wonderful products that Apple has to offer in some later post. BUT.. for now lets focus on what is important… and that is the iPhone and the various ways that you can make it truly your own iPhone. I mean after all that is probably the main reason why you are here in the first place.

I found a nice little resource that has all of the iPhone tools in one place for your download pleasure. It is called Jailbreak 101. A nifty site called Appletizeme.com has just recently created a new forum for its large community of readers. Also as a special thank you to its forum members Appletizeme.com has given some of its members a great package of Jailbreak software that you cannot find in one place anywhere on the net.

So if you want to upgrade/downgrade/hand grenade your iPhone check out this post and participate in the fun!

iPhone Hack Kit

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Dual Boot Hack by iPhone Dev Team

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I know this is a Apple Tweaks: Tweak Anything Apple Blog but man this iPhone craze is so fascinating. So here goes with another iPhone Tweak using a dual boot trick that the fellas from the iPhone Dev team have been using for a while. This hack is not for the squeemish since it entails some cutting, slicing, pasting, and more coding than I would know anything about.

So if you are into the major scripting and coding he is a cool link to check out! But then again if you are into the major hacking then you probably already know all about this release 🙂

Read More

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iPhone 1.1.4 Helpful Reads. and Hints

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Sorry I have been gone for a while… but is anybody really there! Haha… (sigh) as I cry alone in my room :). But anyways here are some helpful links to some good reads for those iPhone hackers out there. The iPhone Dev team portal is probably the first place to start, since they kick ass at pwning the iPhone day after day.

Get your iPhone tools HERE


* The iPhone Wiki – The site that started it all for me. Lots of great technical information and history there, but unfortunately spammers have also invaded the site recently, making life difficult for the maintainers. (Now Defunct)

* The Hackint0sh iPhone Forums– Started up around the same time as the iPhone Dev Wiki, so again, a wealth of information and helpful people here.

* iPhone Dev Team Portal – Site for the original iPhone dev team. The people who started it all.

* iPhone Elite Dev Team – The elite iPhone dev team. Used to be quite active and open with information.

* Geohot’s Blog – Geohot is the first person to have a SIM unlocked iPhone (outside of Apple). Knows the iPhone hardware as well as the Apple engineers. Though his software skills are still in question… (hey, I cleaned up bits of the fake IPSF server code for my own use, so I’ve seen his code) 😉

* George’s Blog – No, this is not Geohot’s blog! 😉 But it’s still a good resource for understanding the technical details behind iPhone hacking discoveries.

* The Touchdev Wiki – Same structure as the iPhone Dev Wiki, but for the iPod Touch (or iTouch).

* iPhone Toolchain Project Page – Essential for iPhone application developers. Just make sure to release a standalone version of your killer iPhone app, ok? 😉

* anySIM Project Page – The source code for anySIM. Interesting to me, maybe to you too?

* Nate True’s iPhone Utils and Info – Nate did a lot of the early iPhone hacking and maintained iBrickr for a while (kinda like iNdependence for Windows with a fancier interface — I’ve never been much of a UI tweaker — I enjoy the technical details more). Still a useful site for files and technical info.

* Erica Sadun’s Blog – Erica is one of the first major iPhone application developers and continues to produce interesting apps for the iPhone. Not to mention she has a loyal following amongst the sexually frustrated, male-dominated crowd of would-be iPhone hackers.

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